Our Mission is to always strive to find new ways to enrich the voice of our flutes and to enjoy the music created by those that play them. We also feel that flutes should be purchased through the player's auditory reponse to rich tonal quality rather than potentially being betrayed by their visual response to the flute's decoration. As such, we chose to spend the majority of our construction time on carefully crafting the sound mechanism to deliver clear, bright, and robust notes.  When you close your eyes and blow, it will always be the sound that takes you on a musical journey. 

With that said, we know that players still want a beautiful instrument, so we designed our flutes with clean elegant lines that highlight the beauty of the wood and leather. Check out Gallery for some visual examples of our work, or stop buy our Multi-Media page to hear our flutes in action. You may email us with any questions or suggestions at sierraflutes@surewest.net

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