Our flutes are meant to be played using an easy/casual breath.  Some flutes are intentionally tuned a little flat as most beginning players tend to blow somewhat hard.  The beginning player pressing more air into the flute will sharpen the note into pitch.  This results in a flute that plays in pitch at full volume.

We have designed the flute with an easier breath to pitch.  This results in being able to play within the full range of a note: you can take it down a couple of steps with a whisper breath and push the note up a few steps when building to a crescendo.  The added benefit is that air is maintained for better breath control.

This becomes increasingly important during recording or when using amplification.  The ability to modulate breath within a single note is what separates fine players; it creates drama and provokes emotion especially with amplification.

If you are purchasing a flute as a gift, the above information is available as a .pdf here that you can print and keep with the flute.

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Mid Gm and Mid Dm Black Limba flutes, ordered to harmonize with each other

Low Am in Alaskan Cedar

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