Alex Marshall
I have been playing the Native American flute for ten years.  As my ear got better, my early flute purchases sounded worse.  One day I got tired of seeing all of those flutes sitting unused on a shelf and went to work with a set of needle files.  My background was in restoring art glass for museums and churches requiring meticulous craftsmanship: reshaping edges and honing angles is an instinctual passion.  That was in 2006 and 500 flutes ago.  Every time I went to a flute gathering, I returned home with friends’ flutes to tweak. My dining room table was soon filled with problem flutes.  Members of the Northern California Flute Circle, Loping Wolf Flute Circle, and other California groups dubbed me the “Flute Doctor”.  I was encouraged to make flutes, but the leap was only taken once confident in my ability to craft a flute that produced superior quality sound.  Repairing flutes from a wide range of makers led to an understanding of the best and worst characteristics of sound mechanism design.  It was at that time I met master woodworker and flute maker Ed Easter and we decided to combine our talents to create Sierra Flutes.    

Ed Easter

Seeing Mary Youngblood play the Native American flute was my inspiration to immediately shift my interest from the pan flute to the Native American flute. 

In 2005, I watched a local flute maker make my first flute and was intrigued with making my own flutes.  In a short period of time I acquired all of the tools I needed.  I enjoyed hand crafting these flutes so much I ended up making many flutes which I gifted to friends, fundraisers and sold hoping to share my love for the Native American music.  I am a lifelong woodworker so hand crafting Native American flutes is my passion.  The satisfaction of making these flutes look beautiful and perform spectacularly is immeasurable.

I also enjoy restoring old cars and over the years I have won a national award, and two top awards, from one of the largest shows in California.  I am a perfectionist, and strive for precision craftsmanship in everything I do.


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